Production of S-300 missiles in Russia to be stopped within year — source

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Production of Russia’s S-300 missile systems will be fully stopped next year, a high-ranking source in the Russian military-industrial complex told ITAR-TASS.
This also concerns export versions, he added. “I want to stress that the production of components for S-300 will continue and will even grow in the coming years,” he said.
The source said S-300 missiles would be replaced with a number of new generation systems. “S-400 becomes the main system for our Armed Forces. S-300 missiles remain in operation, and their production will not be halted in a moment,” he said.
The source said the marketing policy of Russian producers of air defense systems is now aimed at advancing S-400 to foreign markets.
“We have had a more efficient system for several years, I mean S-400. What is the point in producing things that don’t meet today’s demands of a customer?” he asked, saying S-400 supplies abroad would begin no earlier than in 2016.

Redirecting deliveries
S-300 Favorite missile systems destined for Syria may be delivered to Egypt, a Russian high-ranking defense industry source told ITAR-TASS on Friday.
Egyptian partners have expressed interest in S-300 purchases. The system may be re-equipped for Egypt in a short period of time, the source added.
If an agreement is reached, software and some units and systems of “Syrian” S-300s will be changed, he said.
Cairo bought about $400 million worth of ammunition from Moscow over the past ten years. A considerable volume of the military enginery bought from the Soviet Union is still in service in Egypt, the source said.
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates may provide substantial financial aid for Egypt, he added.
First published by Itar-Tass.

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