Communist members of the State Duma plan to submit a draft law to the lower house in autumn to denounce the protocol on Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the head of the Communist Party’s legal service and deputy head of the Duma Committee for Constitutional Legislation, Vadim Solovyov told ITAR-TASs on Friday.
Communists always opposed Russia’s accession to the WTO, saying “nothing but a headache would come from the organization”. “In fact, it is a noose around Russia’s neck and an attempt to control our country from outside,” Solovyov said. In response to the sanctions imposed against Russia, the agreement should be urgently denounced, the lawmaker said.
Communist members of the parliament will submit the draft law during the next autumn session and will insist on consideration of the bill as soon as possible, he added.
Russia joined the WTO in August 2012. Before the consideration of the ratification of the protocol on Russia’s accession to the Marrakesh agreement, members of the Communist Party and A Just Russia party requested the Constitutional Court to check whether the document corresponded to the Constitution, but the court rejected their arguments.
First published by Itar-Tass