Monday, July 4, 2022
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quora chinese review

Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war? Chinese review on two indian

Chinese Shu Xu, Strategic FooYou Agent review from quora: I am a Chinese. Also, I think if there is a war b/w India and China, India...
eclipse loganspace

Studying the sun’s atmosphere with the total solar eclipse of 2017

An aggregate solar eclipse happens some place on Earth about once like clockwork. But since Earth's surface is generally sea, most eclipses are noticeable...
The Very Large Telescope snaps a stellar nursery and celebrates

ESO: A Tale of Three Stellar Cities

  ESO's VLT Study Telescope: Utilizing new perceptions from ESO's VLT Study Telescope, cosmologists have found three distinct populaces of youthful stars inside the Orion Cloud...
mysteries loganspace

Antiquated, monstrous space rock effect could clarify Martian geographical mysteries

  The starting point and nature of Mars is puzzling. It has geographically unmistakable sides of the equator, with smooth marshes in the north and...

How did an obsolete Surface-to-air missile like the Soviet SA-3 manage to shoot down...

I would however like to provide a more ‘technical’ answer focusing on the equipment fielded by Col Dani i.e., the S-125 ‘Neva’ Surface to...

Great Indian Sale at Amazon, more stuff bought by Virudhunagar people!

Chennai: In the national flag sandals, slipper Gandhi Institute of the Amazon caused the controversy, India in the name of the Great Indian channel...

How Clinton is using Vladimir Putin to define Trump

The topic of Loganspace continues to hang over the U.S. presidential election, this time with new charges from Hillary Clinton that Vladimir Putin to...

The real reason why Vladimir Putin needs Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is important to the Kremlin as a symbol of potential Russia-U.S. cooperation. The secret hope is that Trump’s angry and disillusioned supporters...

No GPS, no problem: Next-generation navigation

  No GPS, no problem: Next-generation navigation:  A team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside has developed a highly reliable and accurate navigation system...

Long road ahead: Liberating Mosul will not be easy

Mosul, the largest ISIS-controlled city in Iraq, has been stormed by the U.S.-led coalition but, Long road ahead: Liberating Mosul will not be easy,...
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