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I am a Chinese. Also, I think if there is a war b/w India and China, India will win. There are three explanations behind that, as I would like to think:

Access to weaponry and military tech.#காரணம் 2

China can utilize just the weapons that it created and based without anyone else, though India can purchase any weapon they need from USA and Russia. As we as a whole know, the military tech of US and USSR/Russia is much further developed than that of China. How might we win the war if our sword is simply waste in contrast with that of our adversaries.

Principal populace statistic issue of China.

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All individuals say that there will be tremendous inconvenience if war begins amongst China and India, on the grounds that both have apparently perpetual number of individuals fit for taking an interest in the war. Be that as it may, since the one youngster approach went on for a considerable length of time in China, the greater part of the Chinese warriors are the main offspring of their folks. On the off chance that you are a parent, will you hazard losing your youngster for some pointless war? It is very likely that the guardians would prevent their kid from taking an interest in the war. Along these lines, I figure Chinese war exertion will implode from within even before there’s a noteworthy offense from the Indian side.

The benefit of the social and political arrangement of India.

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India is a fair nation while China is most certainly not. I figure Indian warriors would act considerably more intrepidly since they know they are battling for themselves. The Chinese troopers, then again, would be battling just to fulfill the impulses of their legislature.


I truly wish there is no war between our nations. Asia is a place loaded with expectation and potential as of now. Don’t we as a whole recollect the consequence of Europe’s wars in the last century?The grand development of EU got seriously destroyed because of the wars. That is the reason USA and USSR could command the world for 50 years.

I have lived in peace in every single past year. I have never been to India, so I wouldn’t comprehend what this charged adversary looks like if we somehow happened to begin a war. There are such a large number of good things on the planet to involvement and consider, why would it be a good idea for me to consider beginning a war against an undefeatable nation?

china, Chinese Shu Xu, Strategic FooYou Agent review from quora:
china: Chinese Shu Xu, Strategic FooYou Agent review from quora:

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