I have met Pakistani Hindus in person and I am well aware of the condition of Hindus in Pakistan. I would like to point out that they do not want to stay in Pakistan and thousands of them leave Pakistan every year. Around 5000 Pakistani Hindus migrate to India each year and of course you cannot expect the entire population to shift at the drop of a hat.

5,000 Hindus migrating to India every year, NA told

So what are the reasons for this slow migration?

The reasons can be as below:

  1. They stay in Pakistan even after tremendous atrocities because they do not have any place to go. It is not that easy to go to any other country and get citizenship. Even the Indian government has only recently started granting citizenship to them.
  2. They’ll have to leave their homes and properties and even if they sell their homes they will get only a fraction of the cost. When I talked to the Pakistani Hindus one said that he had to sell his house for a very small percentage of the original cost.
  3. Pakistani authorities keep a vigil on Hindus and it is not easy for them to go out from the country especially India. The Hindus I met had come with the excuse of Kumbh Mela but never went back and some had to leave their parents behind. Even Indian authorities keep an eye on them as in if at all any spy comes in the disguise of a refugee which is a legitimate security concern.
  4. The rich and affluent Pakistani Hindus(Yes there are some) have their business and huge property there but even they are slowly packing it up and leaving but at the end it is not that simple for them too. You can’t simply break off ties from everything your own and which you own just like that.
  5. Some of the older generation does not want to leave as it is their homeland even after huge human rights violations. Their love for the place where they were born keeps them there though it is a hell hole right now.
  6. Even if they come to India there will certainly be acceptance issues as in who will employee a Pakistani citizen and technically they are Pakistanis. The irony is that they are Kaafirs in Pakistan because they are Hindus but they are Pakistanis in India for Indians including Indian Hindus.

So an exodus is definitely there but is slow in nature. If given a chance majority of Pakistani Hindus will shift to India but are stuck because of the above factors.