Why is India not ahead of Pakistan in building fighter planes, while India is way ahead in space technology, etc.?

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Well,forget Pakistan,we had the capabilities to beat even USA and China.But they were sabotaged.
Remember Marut??
It was India’s 1st jet fighter aircraft ingenuously made by HAL way back in 1960.

It was designed by well known German aircraft designer Kurt Tank with the help of many brilliant Indian engineers. It was equipped with guns,rockets and bombs.

Here is the image when Marut was towed to HAL runway for its 1st test flight.Scene is like a procession of marriage.
The only weakness(if you call it) was, its maximum speed was 1112 kmph which was slightly less than sound speed(1234 kmph). And that was only due to its engines,it wasn’t fault of designers. So,theoretically it was a subsonic plane though practically it wouldn’t create much technical hurdles.
(It participated in battles of 1965 and 1971.Remember the decisive Battle of Longewala ? Maruts were used to give support to Indian border posts. 3 Marut pilots were awarded Vir Chakra.)
Now the tragedy happens. As a part of organized propaganda,this awesome fighter was bullied in media,agents of foreign weapon companies and by those corrupt politicians who wanted commission by purchasing foreign weapons.
The tragedy doesn’t stop here.The company which provided the jet-engines offered to modify the engines to make Marut supersonic but offer was rejected.
  1. Only 3 squadrons got entry in IAF.
  2. Kurt tank went back to Germany.
  3. The golden chance to make India independent in war-weapons was lost.
  4. India became dependent on foreign weapons and technology and thus victim of power-politics and diplomacy played due to them
  5. India started losing valuable foreign exchange and is still losing.
  6. Ultimately,India became the biggest weapon importer of world.

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