What is the equipment given to a sniper in Indian army?


Snipers play an important role in the infantry battalion. They give the commander accurate, discriminatory, long-range small-arms fire.

Now coming to Indian Army and its Snipers, for long India has been dependent on the Russians for its arms and ammunition, and snipers in the Indian Army are all of Foreign Origin. To give a insight of the Lethal weapons, following are the two weapons held in the Infantry Battallions, these weapons are other than the ones brought off the shelf for Special Forces.

1.  Dragunov sniper rifle or Dragunov svd 59

Image Courtesy : Google ( This is the improved Dragunov)

Image Courtesy : Getty Images ( In the pic it is seen that a jawan is holding the Sniper, This is a fairly older version )

Further Detail is present on Wiki which can explain better than anyone else can : Dragunov sniper rifle

2. Anti Material Rifle(AMR) Provided by RSA 

You will look at it and fall in love with it and believe me you haven’t even seen it fire or kill or destroy or incinerate a target. This weapon is provided to the troops by the govt specially procured from Republic of South Africa, this weapon is unique, so unique that you can actually change the range, ammunition and sight. In short it is custom made and can be customized according to need of the individual and situation. 

However some ppl say it is not a sniper because it is used to destroy large objects or targets (Ex : Bunkers) but then no one said it can not be used to kill .

It is intended for deployment against targets including parked aircraft, telecommunication masts, power lines, missile sites, radar installations, refineries, satellite dishes, gun emplacements, bunkers and personnel, using a range of specialized projectiles. As with other weapons of this type, it can also be used for counter sniping.

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