Saturday, January 28, 2023
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panda ant

Walking Fish, panda ant … fairy animals that have not yet seen!

We are thinking that the world is only visible in front of our eyes.But we would not have thought that even in the same...

Raytheon got $25.9M contract for Global Hawk sensor upgrades

Raytheon has gotten a $25.9 million contract for changes and retrofitting of sensors on the Global Hawk Block 30 unmanned aeronautical vehicle, the Department...

Asteroid Apophis has One in 100,000 chance of hitting Earth

  The tremendous almost 400-meter wide asteroid Apophis is still on a rundown of unsafe close Earth objects (NEOs), viewed as a potential risk to...
trump - loganspace

Charlottesville is Trump’s most noticeably bad disappointment

Charlottesville - nazis and neo-Confederates plunged on Charlottesville, Virginia, this end of the week to challenge the expulsion of a statue of Robert E....
eclips -loganspace

Making Artificial Eclipses Using Spacecraft Might Help Us Find New Worlds

Obscuration fever is clearing the United States. Artificial Eclipses - A great many individuals are getting ready to watch an epic sun based overshadowing...

Tact to defuse India, China outskirt emergency hammers into a divider – sources

NEW DELHI (Loganspace) - India's strategic endeavors to end a seven-week military standoff with China have hit a detour, individuals informed on the discussions...
Soft robots Designing

Soft robots Designing: Ethics-based rules for human-robot connections

Designing soft robots: Soft-bodied robots ( soft robots ) offer the likelihood for social engagement, and novel material human-robot connections that require watchful thought of the potential...

North Korea fires volley of cruise missiles, 5th test in a month

  volley :  North Korea launched a volley of surface-to-ship cruise missiles off its east coast Thursday, Seoul's defence ministry said, Pyongyang's fifth test in less...

“Big eaters” in universe – China’s space telescope to observed

China's new space telescope to be launched soon will probe many mysteries of the universe, including the belching "big eaters" - active galactic nuclei...

In Fuel cell – Nano alloys 10 times as effective as pure platinum

A new type of nano catalyst can result in the long-awaited commercial breakthrough for fuel cell cars. Research results from Chalmers University of Technology...