We are thinking that the world is only visible in front of our eyes.But we would not have thought that even in the same world we have not seen so far, this is the list of such strange animals.நீந்தாத மீன் :

walking fish:

This fish was found on the island of Galapagos. Its red color mouth is its symbol. It does not know swimming. This fish will only walk. It’s only in the deep sea.

Panda Ant:

Have you ever seen Panda bear? This is a slightly longer pest than normal ants. There is a lot of hairs on the back of this pest breed found in Chile. The panda is called panda because it contains black and white hair in the body of the genes.

வரிகள் இல்லாத வரிக்குதிரை :

Unspecified Zebra:

The zebra is the body of the black and white lines. This creature found in Aubrya consists of lines similar to zebra. Its functions are like all giraffes.

கடல் பன்றி :

Sea pig:

This animal is only deep in the ocean. It is about 1000 meters deep from the sea. It will eat the plants, which are grown there.

மஞ்சள் முள் :

Yellow pin:

The animal was found in Madagascar, Africa. It’s size is very small and size will will be less than hand palm. which is discovered by its own vibrant sound. Like the sound of the snake and some of the insects will be screwed up.


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