Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Earth-like planet GJ832 in star system only 16 light years away

The GJ832 framework: Astrophysicists at the University of Texas at Arlington have anticipated that an Earth-like planet might be sneaking in a star framework only...
panda ant

Walking Fish, panda ant … fairy animals that have not yet seen!

We are thinking that the world is only visible in front of our eyes.But we would not have thought that even in the same...
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Charlottesville is Trump’s most noticeably bad disappointment

Charlottesville - nazis and neo-Confederates plunged on Charlottesville, Virginia, this end of the week to challenge the expulsion of a statue of Robert E....

India to Launch Exclusive Satellite for Afghanistan

g 14, 2017 India and Afghanistan hopes to in a matter of seconds sign a notice of comprehension for launching of a selective satellite for...
James Damore

james damore – Google engineer fired – got job offer from WikiLeaks !!!

The male Google engineer - James Damore fired for circulating a memo decrying the company’s diversity hiring program became the centre of a heated debate...

Tact to defuse India, China outskirt emergency hammers into a divider – sources

NEW DELHI (Loganspace) - India's strategic endeavors to end a seven-week military standoff with China have hit a detour, individuals informed on the discussions...

What a Republican hostile to Trump plan should resemble

The New York Times reports that a few Republicans might be considering either a presidential run if President Trump isn't on the ticket in...
pakistan says not bound by treaty

Preclusion of atomic weapons: Pakistan says not bound by settlement

Preclusion of atomic weapons: Pakistan on Monday said that it was not bound by the as of late closed settlement on the preclusion of atomic...
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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Pakistan Yet To Award Most Favoured...

New Delhi, Jul 31: Parliament was informed on Monday that Pakistan is yet to award the most favoured nation (MFN) status to India and...

Gagan – India’s Native Navigation System Mandatory For All Aircraft

The availability of Gagan signal in space will bridge the gap between European Union's EGNOS and Japan's MSAS coverage areas, thereby offering seamless navigation...