Kinds of nuclear submarines:

SSK – diesel-electric hunter-killer submarine
SSN – fast attack nuclear submarine
SSG – cruise missile submarine, ship killer
SSGN – guided missile nuclear-powered submarine, big ship/enemy submarine killer

submarine fuel:

U235, U238:

– common fuels for atomic reactors in nuclear submarines
– atomic gas with a melting point of 2800 C
– U235 consists of 0.72% natural uranium, fissile (sustains fission chain reaction)
– U238 consists of 99.3% natural uranium, not fissile (not capable of sustaining a chain reaction of nuclear fission)


– Zirconium alloys
– used for gas pole barrier (cladding) for atomic reactors

– hard metal and highly resistant to corrosion

The water-cooled nuclear reactor
1800 psi pressure to prevent corrosion

Weight of fuel required
25 lbs (pounds) of Uranium for the entire life of this heart (30 years).

Limiting factor of submarine operations
90 days of food provide

Nucleus absorbs neutron then explode

$ 2 Billion
The average price of the atomic submarine

$ 6 Billion
– cost of Ballistic Nuclear sub
– approximate cost of Aircraft Carrier

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$ 250,000 per person
Cost of training in order to operate in a military submarine

Nuclear power
The more water temperature difference (delta T of water), the further power produced

Russian Typhoon submarine
175 meters x 23 meters
Two pressurized water reactors (PWR).
163 crew
24,000 tonnes

Tonnage of US subs
Average 7,000 tons USN submarine

USS Enterprise
The first nuclear aircraft carrier
200 MW (megawatts) of power
8 atomic reactors (pwr)
80 aircrafts
3500 team

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