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Contradictions of Indian Society


ISRO launches yet another rocket that has found its way down back to the Earth rather than a place in the Orbit.

India’s sci-tech program is extremely debatable from the point of view of arbitrary technology developed by the local institutions and also from the point of view of spending so much of money on Sci tech ventures when there are a number of poverty ridden people who inhabit the land. Why seek “status” when basic social reforms are either not sufficient or are not reaching the people?

The free market reforms finally pay dividends, only in the way of an upsurge in the consumer market. It did not however reduce the number of school drop outs or crimes in India. What was the cost of the reforms when the poor remained the poor. Just some economically forward households could get quality goods at an affordable price, at what – at the cost of a million other hungry mouths.

There are crowds everywhere buses, trains no control of population growth has not seen increase of infrastructure, even if infrastructure is available it is extremely affordable. There is also a lot of corruption in the govt institutions and private institutions for job seekers. There is more of sloth in society rather than people who seek cultural improvement. Religion is failing to reach the people for there are more and more people who shirk responsibility and become lazy.

The modern society seems to be tailor made for those who are lazy. For example the Floods that hit the South Indian city of Chennai during Dec 2015 showed the entire world how unprepared Indian cities are to face such devastation. Also the quality and the design of the roadways has left so much to be desired that the floods inundated households.

The amount of social assistance being offered to the poor is very low, the number of women in public affairs is also very low. Women enjoying their social lives such as drinking in public places is growing more than the genuine ambition to grow and become successful.

Where is the question of all this braggadocio about India being the next superpower in the midst of so many social problems that are still unresolved.

All the glitterati and the blabber of the upper society on issues of economic progress, sci – tech progress, education and jobs for all will only hold if more fundamental issues of poverty, human rights, birth control, child labor are effectively addressed. Till then the next superpower status will remain only a myth.


Source by Srinivasa Gopal

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