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Each and each so incessantly you wish scrambled eggs. And with that knowing, toady at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, Rivian announced a vital accessory for its electrical pickup: A camp kitchen. The unit slides out from the Rivian R1T’s so-known as instruments tunnel that lives between the bed and cab. The kitchen comprises storage and a stove that’s powered by the R1T’s 180kWh battery pack.

This kitchen unit is the most necessary necessary thought Rivian has unveiled for the pickup’s unfamiliar instruments tunnel. This house offers yet every other locked storage compartment for the pickup — however why have it all, many requested when it became revealed? And now, with this kitchen unit, Rivian is responding to the questions. It seems Rivian needs to create its vehicles the center of an ecosystem of add-ons. The corporate already revealed racks, vehicle-mounted tents and even a flashlight that hides within the facet of the driver’s door. Keep a question to more tenting and open air instruments as Rivian cements its impress image round adventurers.

Rivian is positioning its products for a explicit everyday life. Think Patagonia-carrying, Range Rover-utilizing, outdoorsy sorts or now no longer lower than these that aspire to have that image. It’s a neat play, and up to now, Rivian has stayed appropriate to this image. All of its adverts, social media posts, and appearances create it certain that Rivian is in moderation aligning its impress image.

Trucks and SUVs tend to be marketed to workman and families. TV commercials characteristic dusty men hauling bails of hay and ladies folks unloading groceries and shutting the rear tailgate with her foot. But now no longer Rivian.

To this point Rivian has shown its products within the backwoods, working trails and sitting next to campfires. The other folk within the commercials are on an dash, carrying coats byThe North Faceand sleeping in REI tents. With the kitchen from this day’s announcements, they are able to pull a kitchen out of their pickup and create some espresso.

Rivian tells TechCrunch this is lawful a thought, however the company intends to bring this unit to production. There are inclined to be other items for the instruments tunnel. I, for one, would prefer to have a hump-out dog washing and drying house because there’s nothing worse than placing a muddy dog in a truck.

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