[NEWS] Hacker dumps thousands of sensitive Mexican embassy documents online – Loganspace

[NEWS] Hacker dumps thousands of sensitive Mexican embassy documents online – Loganspace

A hacker stole thousands of documents from Mexico’s embassy in Guatemala and posted them online.

The hacker, who goes by the online address@0x55Taylor, tweeted a link to the solutions earlier this week. The solutions is now not any longer available for download after the cloud host pulled the solutions offline, but the hacker shared the doc dump with TechCrunch to take a look at its contents.

The hacker urged TechCrunch in a message: “A inclined server in Guatemala related to the Mexican embassy became once compromised and I downloaded the total documents and databases.” He acknowledged he contacted Mexican officers but he became once disregarded.

In previous correspondence with the hacker, he acknowledged he tries to fable concerns and has bought bounty payouts for his discoveries. “But after I don’t salvage a acknowledge, then it’s going public,” he acknowledged.

Extra than 4,800 documents were stolen, most of which related to the interior workings of the Mexican embassy in the Guatemalan capital, including its consular activities, equivalent to recognizing births and deaths, facing Mexican voters who had been incarcerated or jailed and the issuing of commute documents.

Extra than a thousand passports — including identification issued to diplomats — were stolen. (Image: equipped)

We learned extra than a thousand extremely sensitive identification documents of basically Mexican voters and diplomats — including scans of passports, visas, delivery certificates and extra — but additionally some Guatemalan voters.

Several documents contained scans of the front and support of cost playing cards.

One in all the diplomatic visas issued to a Mexican diplomat stolen in the recordsdata. (Image: equipped)

The stolen info additionally incorporated dozens of letters granting diplomatic rights, privileges and immunities to embassy workers. Diplomatic rights grant workers of the foreign embassy sure protections from their host country’s authorities and law enforcement. Diplomatic immunity, as an instance, permits workers to be granted genuine passage in and out of the country and are on the total genuine from prosecution. Diversified documents seen by TechCrunch were signed off individually by Mexico’s ambassador to Guatemala, Luis Manuel López Moreno, and were urged to be transported by diplomatic receive, which foreign missions spend to transport legitimate correspondence between international locations that can perhaps perhaps no longer be searched by police or customs.

Quite a bit of the recordsdata were marked “confidential,” although it’s no longer identified if the hacked info incorporated the rest thought to be by the Mexican authorities to be labeled or secret. Diversified recordsdata were interior administrative documents pertaining to to workers scientific costs, commute and spoil day and automobile certifications.

When reached Friday, Gerardo Izzo, a spokesperson for the consul overall in Unusual York, acknowledged it’s taking the topic “very seriously” but didn’t straight away beget commentary.

Friday is a national vacation in Mexico.

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