[NEWS] Habana Labs launches its Gaudi AI training processor – Loganspace

[NEWS] Habana Labs launches its Gaudi AI training processor – Loganspace

Habana Labs, a Tel Aviv-based mostly AI processor startup, right now announced its Gaudi AI coaching processor, which promises to without concerns beat GPU-based mostly systems by an component of 4. Whereas the person Gaudi chips beat GPUs in raw performance, it’s the firm’s networking abilities that provides it the extra enhance to reach its beefy ability.

Gaudi will likely be on the market as a primitive PCIe card that helps eight ports of 100Gb Ethernet, apart from to a mezzanine card that is compliant with the pretty unusual Start Compute Mission accelerator module specs. This card helps either the identical ten 100GB Ethernet ports or 20 ports of 50Gb Ethernet. The firm is additionally launching a machine with eight of those mezzanine playing cards.

Closing year, Habana Labs previously launched its Goya inferencing solution. With Gaudi, it now offers a total solution for businesses that want to utilize its hardware over GPUs with chips from the likes of Nvidia. Thanks to its if truth be told knowledgeable hardware, Gaudi without concerns beats an Nvidia T4 accelerator on most identical outdated benchmarks — all while the use of less energy.

“The CPU and GPU architecture started from solving a truly different self-discipline than deep studying,” Habana CBO Eitan Medina knowledgeable me.  “The GPU, nearly by likelihood, took space to be unbiased better because it has a bigger stage of parallelism. Nonetheless, even as you originate up from a dapper sheet of paper and analyze what a neural network appears to be like love, you might additionally, even as you set if truth be told dapper folks within the identical room […] reach up with the next architecture.” That’s what Habana did for its Goya processor and it is now taking what it learned from this to Gaudi.

For developers, the reality that Habana Labs helps all the identical outdated AI/ML frameworks, apart from to theONNXlayout, would perchance well additionally silent manufacture the swap from one processor to 1 other stunning painless.

“Coaching AI gadgets require exponentially higher compute yearly, so it’s wanted to handle the pressing needs of the information heart and cloud for radically improved productiveness and scalability. With Gaudi’s innovative architecture, Habana delivers the industry’s top possible performance while integrating standards-based mostly Ethernet connectivity, enabling limitless scale,” said David Dahan, CEO of Habana Labs. “Gaudi will disrupt the space quo of the AI Coaching processor panorama.”

As the firm knowledgeable me, the secret here isn’t unbiased the processor itself however additionally the map in which it connects to the rest of the machine and other processors (the use of identical outdated RDMA RoCE, if that’s something you if truth be told care about).

Habana Labs argues that scaling a GPU-based mostly coaching machine beyond 16 GPUs fleet hits a different of bottlenecks. For a different of higher gadgets, that’s turning true into a necessity, though. With Gaudi, that becomes merely a quiz of increasing the different of identical outdated Ethernet networking switches in tell that you just might without concerns scale to a machine with 128 Gaudis.

“With its unusual products, Habana has fleet extended from inference into coaching, covering the beefy vary of neural-network capabilities,” said Linley Gwennap, necessary analyst of The Linley Team. “Gaudi offers true performance and industry-leading energy effectivity amongst AI coaching accelerators. As the predominant AI processor to combine 100G Ethernet links with RoCE encourage, it permits gargantuan clusters of accelerators constructed the use of industry-identical outdated parts.”

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