[NEWS] EC Weekly: Gaming, crypto, shipping and the multiple future strategies of tech – Loganspace

[NEWS] EC Weekly: Gaming, crypto, shipping and the multiple future strategies of tech – Loganspace

Niantic EC-1

Illustration by Nigel Sussman

Greg Kumparakrevealed the principle half of hisplanned four half EC-1 seriesonNianticthe day gone by, specializing inthe founding fable of the AR/gaming unicorn from Keyhole and Google Earth to a fancy spinout from Alphabet. A total lot immense nuggets on how companies rating fashioned and built, but one I particularly enjoyed was as soon as this one:

Like most companies, Google doesn’t like when staff recede. Especially staff who ran key parts of the firm for years. Leaving methodology competition. Leaving methodology likely opportunities lost.

John[Hanke, CEO ofNiantic]at final sat down withLarry Pageto resolve out what it’d take to retain him internalGoogle. They talked about John’s curiosity in augmented actuality. They talked about a e book called Freedom™ byDavid Suarez, which services around an out-of-alter AI that faucets a community of right-world operatives to manipulate the world (the earliest hints of Niantic’s first sport, Ingress, already sneaking in right here years earlier than it’s made.)

John wished to take his curiosity in AR and his background in maps and gaming and mash all of them up and look what it would perhaps perhaps appear to be. Larry wished it to happen internal Google.

What I loved is thatEliot Peperwrote a half for Extra Crunch shapely about a weeks agoregarding the importance of speculative fiction in the creation of startups, and additionally gave a info on shapely what books he recommends to search out your next startup.

Quiz Allotment 2 of the Niantic EC-1 to tumble early next week as we finish a rolling originate.

Recreation streaming is the unique battlefield among tech giants

Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

Recreation streaming is rapid turning into one of the most excellent strategic arenas for owning customers, with choices from all main tech and gaming companies.Devin Coldeweyequipped a comprehensive strategic overview of the stakes eagerthis week, and why so worthy money is being poured into a technology that unless now seemed no longer likely on account of bandwidth and latency. It’s like Noteworthy Break Bros: Tech Melee edition:

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