An EC-irregular interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook dinner

TechCrunch editor-in-chief MatthewPanzarinotraveled to Florida this week to consult withTim Cook dinnerabout Apple’sdeveloper training initiativesand additionally meet with excessive college developerLiam Rosenfeldof Lyman High School. Apple needs to diagram the next space of app developers admire Liam into the Xcode world, and the corporate is constructing a more ambitious solution to full so going forward:

But that conversation with Liam does lift up some questions, and I inquire Cook dinner whether the thinks that there are more viable pathways to coding, especially for of us with non-fashioned training or backgrounds.

“I don’t mediate a four year level is main to be proficient at coding,” says Cook dinner. “I mediate that’s an outmoded, primitive check out. What we chanced on out is that if we can get coding in in the early grades and believe a progression of effort over the tenure of any person’s excessive college years, by the point you graduate kids admire Liam, as an instance of this, they’re already writing apps that shall be attach on the App Store.”

Towards the Slacklash

TechCrunch columnistJon Evanson the total writes on developer instruments and productiveness (query, as an illustration, his Extra Crunchoverview of the headless CMS space). Now, he sets his sights onSlack, and finds the product …severely better and more productive than many would believe you ever suspect, and affords tips for maximizing its worth: