[NEWS] Atlassian puts its Data Center products into containers – Loganspace


It’s KubeCon CloudNativeCon this week and within the slew of announcements, one title stood out:Atlassian. The company is simplest is believed as the maker of tools that allow builders to work more efficiently and now as a cloud infrastructure provider. In this age of containerization, despite the fact that, even Atlassian can glean pleasure within the glory that is Kubernetes since the corporate this present day introduced that it is launching Atlassian Instrument inKubernetes(AKS), a new respond that lets in enterprises to maneuver and manage its on-premise applications esteem Jira Recordsdata Middle as containers and with the abet of Kubernetes.

To have this respond, Atlassian partnered withPraqma, a Real Provide and DevOps consultancy. It’s additionally making AKS readily obtainable as originate source.

As the corporate admits in this present day’s announcement, running a Recordsdata Middle application and guaranteeing excessive availability also can additionally be heaps of labor utilizing this present day’s ideas. With AKS and by containerizing the applications, scaling and administration also can unexcited change into more uncomplicated — and downtime more avoidable.

“Availability is compulsory with ASK. Automation retains mission-crucial applications running whatever occurs,” the corporate explains. “If a Jira server fails, Recordsdata Middle will robotically redirect visitors to wholesome servers. If an application or server crashes Kubernetes robotically reconciles by citing a new application. There’s additionally zero downtime upgrades for Jira.”

AKS handles the scaling and most admin tasks, as well to offering a monitoring respond in response to the originate-source Grafana andPrometheusprojects.

Containers are slowly turning into the distribution medium of want for a necessity of distributors. As enterprises switch their present applications to containers, it makes sense for them to additionally question that they’ll manage their present on-premises applications from third-celebration distributors within the same methods. For some distributors, that also can mean a shift some distance off from pre-server licensing to per-seat licensing, so there are industry implications to this, but in total, it’s a logical switch for most.

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