[NEWS] PodcastOne is launching LaunchpadDM, a free hosting platform for independent podcasters – Loganspace

[NEWS] PodcastOne is launching LaunchpadDM, a free hosting platform for independent podcasters – Loganspace

PodcastOne, the celeb podcasting network from the founding father of radio powerhouse WestwoodOne, is launchinga free data superhighway data superhighway hosting platform for podcasters.

The Los Angeles-essentially based fully mostly syndicated podcasting platform, which counts athletes, politicians, talk radio, and fact television stars admireAdam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Dan Patrick, Spencer and Heidi Pratt, Jim Harbaugh, Ladygang, Dr. Drew, Chael Sonnen, Successfully off Eisen, Barbara Boxer, is angling to gain perception into doable fresh expertise by scheme of the endeavor. 

We are going to survey which podcasts are performing well and offer them the different to partner and develop with PodcastOne, and provide them with the total sources the network provides, including production, expertise reserving, promotion, a devoted sales crew and more,” said PodcastOne chief executive, Peter Morris, in an announcement. “As the main advert-supported podcast network, we are embracing the over 700,000 podcasts accessible, and are here to enhance the long-term improve of autonomous podcasters.”

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CalledLaunchpad Digital Media, the fresh data superhighway data superhighway hosting service is pitching podcasters a free platform including limitless data superhighway data superhighway hosting; gain entry to to analytics including listenership, geography, and instrument data; total ownership of declare monetization channels for a podcast’s subscriber outrageous, and total maintain watch over over how podcasts are disbursed by process of Apple, Spotify or diversified companies and products.

The corporate is also billing itself as a discovery platform, offering free promotion for the companies and products diverse podcasts during its maintain network of current podcasting expertise.

“Over the years, folks fill shared with us how laborious it may maybe most likely maybe maybe just furthermore be accessible within the desolate tract of autonomous podcasting: it be main to pay to host and gain your podcast heard; you gain no support in discoverability; you’re anxious to scuttle away and pause paying your data superhighway data superhighway hosting platform because which that it’s most likely you’ll maybe lose your subscribers; and it’s with reference to very unlikely to gain seen by a prime podcast network who support you to spend your laborious work to the following stage,” said Morris, in an announcement. “Launchpad was constructed with the autonomous podcaster in tips. We wanted to support resolve these complications… for free.”

Since nothing is de facto free, and since PodcastOne wants to receives a commission, the resolve is the corporate’s maintain ability to insert pre- and mid-roll advertising and marketing into podcasts that are hosted on the fresh service.

So podcasters can prepare their declare advertising and marketing, however they supply PodcastOne the ability to slot in adverts that the corporate chooses during any of the podcasts that conform to be hosted on the service. It provides the corporate gain entry to to each and each marquee expertise for prime designate, a lot spending advertisers, and a mode to flood diversified podcasts and not utilizing a subject adverts the corporate wants.

Commercials that LaunchpadDM inserts received’t be longer than two total minutes per episode and podcasters can resolve the placement of the midroll put when importing the episode.