What were the #Obama_Administration’s #best_and_worst press moments?

Let’s start with the worst – because unfortunately, this is an easy one: Fall 2013. The months after the botched rollout of the Obamacare website (healthcare.gov) prompted the worst press coverage of the President’s time in the White House. Those were difficult days to work in the Press Office! The good news is that the website was quickly fixed and the reform of our health c

are system has worked better than predicted. Twenty million Americans now have quality, affordable health care insurance that didn’t have it before the law went into effect. The growth in health care costs is lower than ever. And, despite Republican predictions, Obamacare has been good for the economy and the deficit. Since signing the bill into law, America’s economy has created private jobs every single month – the largest streak of private sector job growth in history. And, the federal budget deficit has shrunk by nearly 75%. That’s good policy!

The best and most interesting day of press coverage was the Sunday night in May 2011 when President Obama addressed the nation to announce that due to the courage and professionalism of our servicemembers, Osama bin Laden had been taken off the battlefield. More than 56 million Americans tuned in to watch the President’s late night speech from the East Room of the White House. That’s nearly double the number who watched the primetime State of the Union address earlier this year.

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