[NEWS] Occipital’s Structure Sensor Mark II is a smaller and much improved 3D scanner for your iPad – Loganspace

[NEWS] Occipital’s Structure Sensor Mark II is a smaller and much improved 3D scanner for your iPad – Loganspace


Encourage in 2013,Occipital(an organization then most titillating identified for making the RedLaser barcode scanning app)launched the Structure Sensor, a tool that became any iPad you strapped it to exact into a conveyable 3D scanner.

Six years later, they’re serve with the next one: Structure Sensor Mark II. It’s about half of the scale, but significantly more succesful.

After releasing the fashioned Structure Sensor, Occipital chanced on that it used to be particularly common in two different use cases: making 3d scans of of us (love, disclose, scanning someone’s foot to originate orthotics), and making 3d scans of rooms. Mark II’s specs and produce had been tuned with these use cases in mind.

To enhance accuracy when scanning a particular person, they’ve bumped up the resolution (from 640×480 on the fashioned sensor to 1280×960 on Mark II), and increased the gap between the Structure’s cameras — thereby allowing it to purchase finer crucial components up shut.

better res

To serve with room scanning, they’ve presented a fish see lens; this widens the Structure’s admire, which would maybe also merely quiet serve it produce better in smaller rooms.

Scanning fluctuate has been increased from 4m to 10m, they’ve added built-in gyroscopes/accelerometers, moved from a rolling shutter to a global shutter, and a pair of new IR depth cameras let it scan beginning air (whereas v1 used to be stuck inner)

While you’ve been observing this location closely, you might well perhaps presumably take note that Occipital launched a tool known as the Structure Corelate final year. Whereas the fashioned Structure is primarily supposed to be strapped to an iPad (and is built with iOS compatibility in mind), the Structure Core used to be built to work with all the pieces else — it’ll play friendly with Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Android, performing as the eyes for whatever mission you are taking into consideration. Beyond the wider compatibility, the Structure Core also noticed a blinding significant spec bump over the fashioned Structure.

Occipital co-founder Jeff Powers tells me that Structure Mark II shares somewhat a couple of its guts with that no longer too long ago launched Structure Core. The notable differences, I’m informed, are that it uses a different connector (USB 2.0/Lightning versus USB 3.0 on Core), has a built-in battery (because they need more vitality than they’ll pull from the iPad, currently), and runs “tremendously modified” firmware to originate it play friendly with iOS.

Occipital tells me that Structure Sensor Mark II will promote for $399, and they count on the first orders to ship out in late August. They’re also planning to beginning out up a trade-in program, allowing someone who has the fashioned Structure “in beautiful situation” to turn it serve in and gather as much as $100 off a Mark II.

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