Nokia phone acted like a Bullet Proof!:

once upon a time,  nokia phone is everyone’s preferable brand, For various reasons. however, the company has failed to establish itself in the smartphone market. Again, though, the company is going to enter the smartphone market.



recently, nokia mobile saves one of user from bullet through it’s mechanisms.


According to a tweet from Microsoft’s manager, In Afghanistan, the Nokia phone on the user’s pocket Faced bullet hit. but Noted,  there has been no impact on the user.

one more incident:

This is not the first time Nokia Accessories preventing bullet it. During 2014, the Lumia 520 has already stopped bullet apparatus.

Other smartphones

IPhone 5 C without Nokia, HTC Evo 3D are also such as smartphones Bullet Proof. There are some Accessories from the battery due to the continued explosive incidents.

samsung note 7

Galaxy Note 7:
While some Accessories might will stop bullets , some Accessories that result in danger to the user with the battery. Recently a good example Galaxy Note 7 phone.