How is it possible that Pakistan authorities didn’t know of the surgical strike until India made an official statement?


Here’s a map : Map of the bin Laden Raid: Operation Neptune Spear

Now I am not comparing American Stealth Technology with Indian Technology at all.


If Indian Army went in just 5 Kilometers across LOC I don’t think Pakistanis will know or maybe they don’t even want to know.

Here is the image of that one

Now the thing where I am getting confused on all this:

If Pakistan believes that this wasn’t a “Surgical Strike” and just a Bogus drama from Indian side.

Then why am I hearing these stories

In a statement, a Pakistani military spokesman called India’s announcement a “fabrication” and “an illusion being deliberately generated by India to create false effects.”

“If India tries to do this again, we will respond forcefully,” Pakistan’s defense minister, Khawaja Asif, said in a statement. “India is doing this only to please their media and public.”

Source: India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ in Pakistani-Controlled Kashmir

If India didn’t do the surgical strikes and it is all drama then why are they getting so angry about it and saying that if India tries to do it again they will respond forcefully.

I think the Pakistanis as usual are once again caught into their own net of lies.

Moreover as an Indian I would like to see videos published sooner or later about this surgical strikes so that I can rub the salt and pepper on the wounds of Pakistanis.