How is it possible that Pakistan authorities didn’t know of the surgical strike until India made an official statement?!There are a lot of factors here, that contribute to Pakistan’s reaction. I’ll try to address all of them. First of all , how did Pakistan not realise that Special Forces teams have arrived into PoK?


  • The answer lies in many factors. If you read and study how special operations are done, with whatever little knowledge you get about it, it can be confirmed that air or water assets are very important. By which I mean Helicopters, Air planes or Fast Intercept Boats, or Rubberised Inflation Boats (VBBS).
  • In this case, PoK does not have large drainage system which is accessible and mapped by India. So with very limited info on waterways, that route was not used. Insertion must be done by air. Para drop or para jump, could have been used. Indian Army has not confirmed anything about this.
  • So the best option is Heliborne Insertion. Yes I’m aware of the news which says Min Rathore denies the use of “air strikes” . But to those of you who are not used to military slang and jargan , technically speaking, Air Strike is to use Helicopters for Gun Runs or Missile Attacks. So of course that was not used.
  • The helicopters pilots and SF teams will choose a LZ (landing zone), which is not too close for the helo to be heard by the terrorists , and not too far for them to trek. Once they reach that LZ, they slither down or jump off, and they trekked all the way in, and did thier work.
  • The question is how was the helis not detected by Pakistani RADAR?
  • There are many explanations.
  • One – The altitude. Any flying object if it is smaller than a Boeing is almost impossible to detect om RADAR , if it flies below RADAR, which is less than 500 feet. The same applies to the Helicopters that flew to Abbottabad. Yes there were special RADAR deflecting helis. But there were Black Hawks as well which flew in after Geronimo. They were not detected so fast. Only when the locals called the Police, Pakistani AirForce woke and sent F16s to intercept and the Seals were already long gone.
  • Two- In PoK, the situation is similar, but it’s very remote for PAF , and RADAR is difficult to operate in hilly areas. If a heli flies low in a valley. Its very hard to detect.
  • This shows that the Helis went really fast and low, hugging the ground to extract the SF operators. Any Special Operation always requires a Quick Extraction, to get the Operators out safely.
  • Three – As for the operator who got injured on a landmine. I think it’s a Complete Hoax. There is no way any SF would simply walk into a landmine infested LOC, and worse, no SF “walks” away from an Area of Operation AOR, like some heroes in Bollywood movies.
  • Four – Pakistani Army scrambled their SF they say. IM SURE THEY DIDNT. The Pakistani army men and the terrorists had no time to dial thier friends for help in the middle of rain of bullets and grenades from our SF. And even if they did, Pak SF would have arrived hours later, to pick up the broken investments, because it’s a remote area for them as well.


With all this, we can confidently say, that any reaction from Pak is like, in the words of Minister Venkateshwara Naidu, “A thief who got bit by a Scorpion at night”. Trying to bite his tongue, and point fingers of blame, and deny like a kid who has already pissed his pants. I firmly believe we should all shut the hell up, and stop giving a shit about reactions coming from a country which kills 650 civilians every year, has a GDP less than that of Mumbai, and has a leadership working for the corrupt and not for the people.