[NEWS] New USPTO Guidance May Clear Path for More Technology Patents – Loganspace

[NEWS] New USPTO Guidance May Clear Path for More Technology Patents – Loganspace

On January 4, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Role of enterprise (USPTO) releasedrecent Patent Examiner Steering(“the Steering”) for field topic eligibility. The updated guidance would possibly profit any skills patent applicant who has a pc-related invention – from smartphones to man made intelligence – and who has beforehand had field acquiring patents under the USPTO’s procedures for determining patent field topic eligibility.

This Steering represents the sizzling methodology for prognosis of patent claims under 35 U.S.C. § 101 in study of Mayo v. Prometheus, Alice v. CLS Monetary institution Intl., and subsequent cases, and is supposed to present a more concrete framework for examining whether or now not patent claims, as a total, are merely “directed to” an summary thought.  The Steering will supersede obvious prognosis solutions articulated in previous guidance, specifically the Examiner’s “Immediate Reference” that beforehand sought to categorize summary tips.


The Steering acknowledges that applying theAlice/Mayotake a look at to analyze claims under § 101 has “caused uncertainty in this put of the regulations” and has resulted in examination practices that close stakeholders from “reliably and predictably determining what field topic is patent-eligible.” As such, the Steering attempts to clear up this uncertainty by revising the USPTO’s prognosis under step one (Step 2A) of theAlice/Mayotake a look at:

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