Now WhatsApp is dangerous for Facebook!

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New Delhi: Facebook which is known as fastest growing social networking site may face a tough challenge from instant messaging apps like ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘WeChat’ in coming days. The latest report of Global Web Index (GWI) is certainly not bringing good news for the social networking giant.
And it is somehow explains the strategy behind Facebook’s decision to take-over the WhatsApp, India’s leading instant messaging app.
According to a latest report of GWI, majority is now using these instant messaging app to communicate with their friends, relatives and closed ones rather than posting on their Facebook wall or inbox message.
The research was conducted on around 42 thousand people in Asia including 5 thousand Indian.  A normal FB user login his account to check what all is going in his friends’ timeline. According to GWI, free access to these messaging apps is key reason behind rising disinterest of users for Facebook.
According to the report, 83 per cent of entire internet users have Facebook account but only 47 pc are using it on regular basis. In India, 93 pc internet users have FB account but only 48 pc are regular active.
In first quarter of 2013, there were 446 million users of such messaging apps while in by the third quarter of 2014, the number has touched 616 million.
These apps are easy to access than the social networking giant, the report claimed.