Has Russia been fooling and exploiting India by selling weapons and cooperation on military projects?


It seems that Russia has been selling not-so-good weapons to India with high price and it keeps on making easy money with so-called cooperation on military projects with India.

For example, India spent 3.3 billion US dollars on developing Kaveri engine  for 26 years with the help of Russia, but finally got nothing.


What you see in movies is PROPAGANDA!! What you read in Times of India is also false nowadays! So what you see is just not the reality.

The point is whatever they promise they provide, unlike the others. 

Read this book : The Success of Brahmos: The Russians shared their top secret RAMJET engine only with India not with any other country. Germans had asked but Russians refused. 

Believe me I have some people who have used the equipment, what they say is if you have Russian equipment you are surely going to win the war provided your tactics are good. 

Russian produce stuff that is made for rough conditions and is meant to work!! When you see Russian systems they are made to work not for showing off!

Just take the MiG 29, the old machine 1970-80s can still defeat the new US aircraft in dogfight.

If you don’t believe me, just read the following link: what the Israeli had to say about the Russian MiG 29.
The Israeli Air Force

Russia after the collapse of Soviet Union had problems in the 90s and that time India had to buy the spare parts for equipment from other countries which made these machines susceptible to problems. But now Russia is back, and we have spare parts from them or they are produced under license in India so the problem has been over. 

Russians are the only ones who allow use to integrate Indian systems with their equipment, which no country allows.

The 4.5 gen SU-30 we have can beat the 5th gen F 22 in a dog fight. Sukhoi PAK FA would be a game changer for the Indian Air Force.

Keep Calm and get your info from good sources, if the government starts taking decisions after reading TOI or watching American movies then India would have long ago finished and would have no equipment to protect itself.

The west never sells India the best weapons, but they create an illusion that they do so keep calm.

Edit 1: Indian media is currently playing the tunes of not Indian Government but of someone else. According to the media you see is a shift towards US in policies, but that’s not at all true. India (and Narendra Modi- who does understand the west’s real aims) was and will always be with Russia, New Delhi will never risk its long term relationship with Moscow to have a one night stand with Brussels or Washington.

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