Great Indian Sale at Amazon, more stuff bought by Virudhunagar people!

Chennai: In the national flag sandals, slipper Gandhi Institute of the Amazon caused the controversy, India in the name of the Great Indian channel from January 20 to 22 on a three-day special program announced at discount prices.

The program expired on Sunday, along with many new customers and items purchased on the Amazon site, Amazon said the company…..

In the name of the Great Indian Sale, Amazon company plans a three-day special offer Virudhunagar, including the third-class cities campalpur drew more new customers, corporate vice president of the Amazon that had a higher profit margin, said Amit Agarwal.

In particular, Patiala (1,084%), Virudhunagar (630%), campalpur (475%), Kolhapur (400%) increase in the number of new customers, including cities. Moreover, these three days of Diwali and New Year’s bestselling material 200 percent increase in the number of products sold per day.

For digital cash transactions our ‘Amazon Prime’ and ‘Amazon pay “via processd and that are shopped. said by Amit Agarwal

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