Top 5 new products for the Russian military

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Oboronexpo-2014 displayed some of the latest cutting edge arms and armaments in Russia. RIR chose 5 of the most interesting products at the defence exhibition
Top 5 new products for the Russian military 

The second international exhibition for weapons, technologies, and innovations, Oboronexpo-2014, was held on August 13-17 in the town of Zhukovsk near Moscow.
Notwithstanding its relatively short history, the Oboronexpo has already become one of the largest platforms for the demonstration of the most up-to-date examples of domestic and foreign ground weapons, military equipment, and dual-use technologies.
The current exhibition has turned out to be rich in innovations. Displayed at it were both military equipment already in service and armaments in the form of prototypes not preciously demonstrated before the general public. RIR chose the 5 most interesting new products of the Russian defence industry that were at the Oboronexpo-2014 exhibition.
S-400 Triumf surface to air missile
The most anticipated premiere at the exhibition was the surface-to-air missile (SAM) S-400 Triumf, which is already part of the Russian armed forces artillery but had not yet been shown to the public.
Two S-400 launchers were put on static display at the same time, mounted on the BAZ (Bryansk Automobile Plant) tractor chassis as well as a part of the complex and implemented on separate self-propelled chassis of radar stations.
The SAM is designed for destroying aerodynamic targets in the air (tactical and strategic aircraft, jammers, and cruise missiles) including those using stealth technology, as well as ballistic rockets with a range of up to 3500 km, hypersonic targets, and other current and future air attack technologies.
The target detection range of the S-400 is 600 km and the range for destroying tactical ballistic targets is from 7 to 59 km. The time it takes to bring the complex from a deployed state into full combat readiness is 3 minutes. Each unit provides for the simultaneous firing of up to 72 missiles guided towards up to 36 targets.
The BPDM Typhoon-M counter-sabotage combat vehicle
The BPDM was designed for the benefit of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces and is based on the BTR-82 APC. The main function of the Typhoon is protecting strategic missile systems and engaging with enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

BPDM Typhoon-M counter-sabotage combat vehicle. Source: Olga Sokolova
The Typhoon-M has a few notable differences from the basic BTR-82 APC. First, instead of the APC’s original tower there is a comparatively small remotely operated turret with a Kalashnikov machine gun installed on the anti-sabotage vehicle. Second, a significant portion of the roof is covered with additional equipment in several metal aggregates of box and complex multi-plane forms.
The vehicle’s instrument complex allows for the observation of surrounding areas and the timely detection of potentially dangerous objects. The complex is outfitted with radar and an electro-optical system with a thermal channel.
The heavy IFV АТОМ
Another novelty exhibited for the first time at the Oboronexpo was the heavy IFV ATOM developed by Uralgonzavod. A full-size mock IFV was presented at the exhibition.

The heavy IFV АТОМ. Source: Olga Sokolova
The vehicle is designed for transporting motorized infantry units and hauling combat and fire support to dismounted riflemen. Outwardly, the ATOM differs substantially from the IFV in its traditional Russian presentation. It is rather high, powerfully armored, weighs up to 32 tons, and has wheel drive. The IFV crew is 11 including landing troops. For their landing a special rear ramp is provided and 4 hatches in the roof. The machine is equipped with an automatic 57-mm artillery gun.
The 21st century soldier: Portable personal computer included in the new gear set for infantrymen
The electronic portable control system unit is in the personal electronic tablets for commanders and their subordinates.

Portable personal computer. Source: Olga Sokolova
“Thanks to the tablet, a commander acquires the possibility of seeing the complete alignment of forces and the position of his subordinates bound to a location on the electronic map on his tablet,” the deputy head of the development division at the Moscow Design Bureau Compas , Ivan Chekvarkin, told RIR. “Various means of reconnaissance like a laser rangefinder, a thermal imager, and a video


can be connected to the tablet. The device can be docked to drones and the photographs of locations taken by them can be downloaded to the tablet and linked to the maps they have. At present our tablets are in the state testing stage. Meanwhile they are already being used by internal forces, for which a small pilot batch was purchased.
SV-338 sniper rifle
The main novelty from the Kalashnikov concern at the Oboronexpo-2014 was the SV-338 sniper rifle, which is meant for equipping the Russian armed forces with. The SV-338 is a military version of the Record-338 sports rifle. The firearm is equipped with bolt action. In the opinion of experts, the SV-338 will be sold to the Russian armed forces as well as special units.

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