Rosoboronexport, a subsidiary of Russian state-owned corporation Rostec, will begin promoting the Uran-9 multipurpose robotic combat system on the international market.
The Uran-9 was developed to provide remote reconnaissance and fire support for deployed units, with the goal of reducing troop casualties during counter-terror operations in urban environments. The unit consists of two recon and fire support robots, a mobile control post, and a tractor to provide transportation.
“This is a fast-growing segment of the arms market, so Rosoboronexport will develop and implement a long-term marketing strategy for promoting such pieces of hardware, including as
part of integrated security projects,” Rosoboronexport Analysis and Long-Term Planning Department head Boris Simakin said in a statement.
The company says the device’s armament will vary by customer, but comes equipped with a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon, a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, and Ataka anti-tank guided missiles. The robots also come with threat detection capabilities, including a laser warning system, as well as target detection, identification and tracking gear.