MARCOS are very secretive, they don’t even reveal their Identity to public , we may spot them by chance. If you want to know what Special Forces do everyday you need to see SF personnel everyday , which is impossible. So, to get an idea of their day, you can learn from Information provided to the public on PARA SF of the Indian Army.

Morning runs with a full 25kg rucksack and combat gear and a 3kg rifle for about 20-30km. 

Breakfast and then time for Room Intervention, with full combat gear including Night Vision NV goggles, and obviously being SF they use Live Weapons.

Next might be other PT activities, Markmanship skills, Sniping ,depends on what day what schedule which we can never know. But for sure, SF personnel always train on Maneuver Warfare, Finding Cover and shooting targets by constantly shifting positions to put pressure on enemy, and to get closer without getting hurt, and finally switching to Pistols to check reaction times when bullets run out in the Rifle. Then you can have Buddy Team training which is mostly hand signs and highly synchronized movements inside and outside buildings with your “Buddies”. 

All Special Forces train on hand to hand combat, Krav Maga from Isreal is most probably what they use, if not more styles. It can be full free hand or with knives, or other weapons or objects that can be used in combat.


MARCOS on the other hand will definitely have training in Water everyday, Diving, Combat Swimming and Diving, Unassisted Dives and so on, including all the Activities I mentioned before. PARA SF do train in water as well, but it is not a daily activity.


These are all that we from the outside can make out of a Special Force Soldier’s day. I think he/she must be getting a break later in the evening. Because training can continue at night as well, which we can only guess what they do.