In a recent interview in April when being asked “who’s worse for Russia: Clinton or Trump?” Vladimir Putin said that they needed to seek for those who was better for Russia not worse.

The only picture I could find with three of them. 🙂
Roughly translating his words:
“I can say there were moments in the history of relations between our countries when we cooperated closely and achieved very good results on national and international levels. And there are examples of such cooperation today such as: non-proliferation of WMDs, war against terrorism, solution of Iran nuclear problem, chemical weapons in Syria… You see, it’s not about individual politicians. If our partners think of themselves as being exceptional, they will always have claims on special position and special rights. There is a need to look at the roots of the problem and act from a position of respect towards all partners [including Russia] rather than from a position of power and imperial ambitions”.
I suppose he meant that whatever person is elected as the president of the US, the only thing Russia wants is to be treated as an equal and to be respected.