[NEWS] The new new web – Loganspace

[NEWS] The new new web – Loganspace

Over the final5 years, nearly every little thing about web model has modified. Oh, the passe tech restful works, your WordPress and Ruby On Rails websites restful purpose correct comely — but they’re an increasing number of being supplanted by radical original approaches. The contents of your browser are being sliced, diced, rendered, and processed in wholly original methods for the time being, and the state of art work is currently in extreme flux. What follows is a fast tour of what I take care of to name the New New Net:

Table of Contents

  1. Single-Net page Apps
  2. Headless CMSes
  3. Static Situation Generators
  4. The JAMStack
  5. Net web hosting and Serverlessness
  6. Summary

1. Single-Net page Apps

These have faith change into so phenomenal the norm — our web initiatives atHappyFunCorpare nearly constantly single-page apps for the time being — that it’s easy to disregard how original and radical they had been after they first emerged, within the days of jQuery running in pages dynamically constructed from templates on the server.

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