[NEWS] The curious case of Slack’s missing $162 million – Loganspace

[NEWS] The curious case of Slack’s missing $162 million – Loganspace

Slack has filedits S-1 registration divulgewith the SEC in preparation forits teach record. One engaging knowledge situation that in overall comes out of these S-1s is the firm’s precise fundraising history. Slack has raised eight main rounds (series A-H), and 15 rounds total when including particular person tranches, since it included on February 25, 2009, in step with Delaware records.

Now that we bear knowledge, we can get an explain to: How did the tech press enact in keeping the firm?

Arman and I investigated by attempting at coverage ofSlack’sparticular person rounds of capital on startup knowledge web sites and comparing these reported numbers to the knowledge now offered in the S-1. For basically the most segment, the tech press did decently well, excluding for one routine, $162 million gap.

The missing Originate D

First, even supposing, a veil about Originate Ds.

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