We are residing within thesubscription streaming abilities of media. Across film, TV, song, and audiobooks, subscription streaming platforms now shape the market.Gamingandpodcastingcould perchance per chance very neatly be subsequent. The put apart are the startup alternatives in this shift, and within the subsequent shift that can occur?

I sat down with Pär-Jörgen “PJ” Pärson, a accomplice at European mission company Northzone, to discuss this at SLUSH this previous wintry weather. Pärson – a Swede who now runs Northzone’s spot of industrial in NYC – ledthe discontinue early-stage investor in Spotifyand ledthe $35 million Series Cin $forty five/month sports streaming provider fuboTV (which hasroughly 250,000 subscribers).

In the transcript below, we dive into the core funding thesis that has guided him for twenty years, how he went from running a fish distribution to running a VC company, his easiest practices for effective board conferences and VC-entrepreneur relationships, and his evaluation of the broad social platforms, AR/VR, snarl interfaces, blockchain, and the frontier of media. It has been edited for length and clarity.

From Fish to VC

Eric Peckham:

Northzone isn’t your first VC company — Relief in 1998, you created Cell Ventures, which became more of a retaining firm or studio mannequin. What became your playbook then?