[NEWS] Sweden’s Engaging Care raises €2.5M seed to scale patient communication and improve outcomes – Loganspace

[NEWS] Sweden’s Engaging Care raises €2.5M seed to scale patient communication and improve outcomes – Loganspace

Taking part Care, the Swedish heathtech startup founded by Annica Belfrage and Charlotta Tönsgård (who became as soon as previously CEO of on-line doctor app Min Doktor), has raised €2.5 million in seed funding. The round is co-led by two European project capital companies: Connect Ventures and Crowberry Capital.

It follows the firm’s€800,000 pre-seed fundingin July from a different of successfully-identified European investors. They encompassNeil Murray’s The Nordic Web Ventures, Hampus Jakobsson (project partner at BlueYard Capital and co-founder of TAT, whichofferedto Blackberry for $150 million), andSophia Bendz(Atomico Partner and faded Global Advertising Director at Spotify).

Aiming to digitise healthcare beyond aged electronic medical epic techniques,Taking part Careis growing a SaaS and cell apps to enable healthcare suppliers to greater join and talk about with sufferers. Its first product, launched slack closing year, is a communications platform that allows healthcare suppliers to share recordsdata and engage with sufferers in a accurate plan.

The SaaS is already deployed with a variety of paying customers who employ the platform on a daily basis for every and every their healthcare mavens and sufferers.

“Interaction between healthcare mavens and sufferers is mostly talking smooth a undoubtedly analog explain,” Egaging Care CEO Tönsgård tells me. “The work is centered round exchanging recordsdata at face-to-face conferences. Our healthcare mavens are a scarce and costly resource, and regularly their time is wasted in an awkward plan”.

Tönsgård argues that digital abilities is the answer, and that unique digital tools such as Taking part Care enable the data constructed up by healthcare teams to be accessible to more sufferers “faster and more uncomplicated”. This in flip frees up medical mavens to employ more time on the things that undoubtedly matter. “Our instrument allows healthcare teams to dangle a authentic topic to discover recordsdata and talk about successfully with their sufferers,” she says.

As one example, the Organ Transplant Unit at Sweden’s Skåne College Medical institution are the usage of the Taking part Care application to enhance face-to-face recordsdata sharing with a digital library accessible to each and every sufferers and their workers 24/7. That is enabling sufferers to dangle more autonomy over their healthcare and blueprint greater informed choices.

“One in all the challenges in the case of the digitization of healthcare is the excessive workload that already exists. For that motive, we can continue to unlock unique components that lower the threshold for adoption, making it more uncomplicated for mavens to integrate our tools into their day-to-day work,” adds Tönsgård.

“We imagine that accurate, scalable communication is the first to elevate the efficiency of healthcare very long timeframe, while additionally helping sufferers to turn into more mindful and unbiased about their very contain successfully being. One insist intention we’ll be focusing on the next months is to enable sufferers and healthcare mavens to prepare physical conferences beforehand. Our trials with clinics negate that here’s a crucial route to each and every more ambiance friendly conferences and conferences with bigger quality”.

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