[NEWS] Stock trading app Robinhood revamps its newsfeed with The Wall Street Journal and ad-free videos – Loganspace

[NEWS] Stock trading app Robinhood revamps its newsfeed with The Wall Street Journal and ad-free videos – Loganspace

Robinhood would maybe well per chance furthermore be easiest identified its free stock trading, nonetheless today time it’s rolling out a brand fresh version of the newsfeed, including vow from Reuters, Barron’s and market coverage from The Wall Facet freeway Journal, with out a paywall or additional fee.

Moreover,Robinhoodis introducing video into the newsfeed, with ad-free videos from CNN Alternate, Cheddar and (again) Reuters.

The startup, which currentlyraised $323 million at a $7.6 billion valuation, has been displaying extra hobby in vow currently withthe acquisition of the monetary podcast and newsletter MarketSnacks— and as fragment of the redesign, the newsletter (now known as Snacks) would maybe well also be learn straight within the app.

“A quantity of right here’s now not even about making investment selections,” Robinhood’s Vice President of Product Josh Elman told me. “[Some users] test Robinhood very, rather continually excellent to love the ideas and see the companies that they’re watching, these that they are invested in and continuing to retain.”

He added that excellent purchasing and promoting stocks is “kind of a utility,” so Robinhood wants to aid its customers “to in actual fact feel informed, to be empowered to salvage their dangle selections.”

Robinhood newsfeed

Before redesigning the newsfeed, Elman mentioned the personnel did a seven-day search, where they asked matters to construct a diary of “all of their experiences reading and figuring out market recordsdata.”

Among other issues, Elman’s personnel learned that folks “in actual fact want to learn recordsdata from a complete lot of, trusted sources,” which is why Robinhood is partnering with these publications. Moreover, they saw that folks devour watching videos: “Even when it’s within the background, indirectly, folks in actual fact told us they really feel extra assured and regulate in their selections.”

At the side of bringing in fresh vow (which, again, is taken out from unhurried paywalls and is ad-free), Elman mentioned the Robinhood newsfeed furthermore sides “all-fresh algorithms and a full fresh point to layer.” Robinhood customers can see the fresh interface for themselves, nonetheless I changed into uncommon about these algorithms.

“We birth with the companies you either dangle and retain for your portfolio or are watching, what forms of sources carry out you incessantly buy to search … and we salvage sure that that we’re bringing you that recordsdata as mighty as that you may well per chance furthermore bear in mind,” Elman mentioned. “And now we have gotten a complete lot of room to develop from right here.”

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