[NEWS] Google lets David Drummond do the talking – Loganspace

[NEWS] Google lets David Drummond do the talking – Loganspace

Somebody wondering ifAlphabetcould well perhaps also reprimand its chief apt officer,David Drummond,for a long-within the past extramarital, inter-field of jobaffair that remains to be a distraction to the firm, the answer looks to be . . . no longer glowing now. Even supposing a old subordinate outlined ingreater detail than everthe day gone by the “hell” she says she has persisted within the years since her ruin-up with Drummond, alongside with a custody fight for their son that she gained, Google mentioned nowadays it is never any longer sharing a press originate on the subject.

As every other, we had been pointed by Google to the non-public commentary that Drummond issued this afternoon, wherein he acknowledges the affair with Jennifer Blakely, a old senior contracts manager with the firm all over a time when Drummond change into once Google’s total counsel.

AsBuzzFeed notes, he doesn’t apologize to Blakely, asserting as a substitute of their “subtle ruin-up 10 years within the past” that “I am a long way from preferrred and I remorse my piece in that.” He also emphasizes that there are “two aspects to all of the conversations and particulars Jennifer recounts,” asserting that he takes a “very a lot of see about what took field.”

Drummond’s paunchy commentary:

It’s no longer a secret that Jennifer and I had a cosmopolitan ruin-up 10 years within the past. I am a long way from preferrred and I remorse my piece in that.

Her story raises many claims about us and other of us, alongside with our son and my old spouse. As you are going to count on, there are two aspects to all of the conversations and particulars Jennifer recounts, and I resolve a in point of fact a lot of see about what took field. I genuinely dangle discussed these claims straight with Jennifer, and I addressed the particulars of our relationship with our employer at the time.

But I attain are attempting to take care of one claim that touches on professional issues. A range of than Jennifer, I by no procedure started a relationship with someone else who change into once working at Google or Alphabet. Any suggestion in every other case is exclusively faux.

I know Jennifer feels wronged and realize that she desires to keep up a correspondence out about it. But I gained’t be sharp proper into a public about these private issues.”

Drummond is presumably hoping that by acknowledging Blakely’s post, the affair will recede all over again into the background, and it would also. Drummond has loved the give a boost to of the firm for the closing 17 years, even whereas Google formally identified the affair attend in 2007.

On the choice hand, othergreat of uswho’ve come beneath scrutiny for their decision-making dangle figured out they’ve less retain watch over over a deliver than they imagined. Whereas Alphabet isn’t a democracy, Google employees dangle shown they’re prepared toflex their muscleif need be to power trade on the firm, and Blakely’s story has seeminglyinfuriated anewmany who relate the firm’s culture has frequently been, and remains to be discriminatory toward girls folk.

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