[NEWS] Equity transcribed: New a16z funds, a $200M round and the latest from WeWork and Slack – Loganspace

[NEWS] Equity transcribed: New a16z funds, a $200M round and the latest from WeWork and Slack – Loganspace

Welcome abet to this week’s transcribed edition of Fairness, TechCrunch’s mission capital-targeted podcast that unpacks the numbers within the abet of the headlines.

This week, Crunchbase News’s Alex Wilhelm and Extra Crunch’s Danny Crichton linked from their respective aspects of the States to paddle via a rash of stories about Divvy, Cheddar, SoftBank’s Vision Fund and Andreessen Horowitz. Plus, they got into the WeWork IPO:

Alex:We ought to soundless transfer on to a enterprise that we’ve never talked about on the cloak earlier than WeWork.

Danny: To be determined, it’s now no longer WeWork. It is the WeCompany.

Alex: However you would even possess gotten to construct in quotes on memoir of no one is aware of what that is.

Danny: Sounds admire a rollercoaster manufacturing company. So give us the tip line numbers cause I never lose interest stiff in listening to them.

Alex: No, no, no. First now we possess got to reveal them the news Danny, what’s the news then I could assemble the numbers.

Danny: K so the news became once, so they before all the issues had filed privately with the SEC to assemble their S1 in December they usually didn’t pull it unprejudiced correct? Or are they selection of delayed it nonetheless you know these filings don;t honest move from the SEC nonetheless they refiled their S1 earlier or per, I trust in regards to the Wall Aspect freeway Journal, on Monday and which formula that they’re selection of ready to transfer public and potentially up as much as now it with their Q1 figures.

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