Important CEO Andy Rubin has been fairly calm exact throughout the final year for, well, a entire bunch causes — bothindustryandin any other case. The firm has struggled to sell devices, reportedly transport handiest 88,000 handsets in its first year. On a substantial more extreme build, Rubin has been tormented by reports of defective habits exact through his time at Google.Abombshell filefrom The Unusual York Instances highlighted sexual misconduct accusations before his receiving a $90 million exit kit from the firm. 

The broken-down Google govt final outmoded Twitter to advise that the tale “comprises a enormous alternative of inaccuracies about my employment at Google.” Now, a year later, he’s support on the platform touting a original instrument. It’d be the subsequent Important handset, or it could be one thing else entirely.

It’s not the sharp “GEM Colorshift subject cloth” on the support that’s caught viewers’ eyes, as considerable as the “original UI for radically varied formfactor.” The closet train I will train to review the long, skinny handset to is the original Galaxy Fold when closed. Of direction, this has the decided revenue of a plump size show cloak.

The UI appears to be like a set of alternative widgets, every wearing varied apps: climate, maps, calendar and Uber on one, with a plump size blueprint on the more than just a few. It’s indubitably varied and lots more of a departure from the original Important handset, which had miniature or no of the industry revolutionizing impact the firm was to initiating with hoping for.

A spokesperson for the firm confirmed that the original instrument is in “early sorting out” within the actual world, which can presumably presumably be why Rubin opted to salvage out in entrance of leaks by showing the half-cell phone on his maintain phrases, fairly than grainy leaks. Here’s the first rate remark from Important:

We’ve been working on a original instrument that’s now in early sorting out with our group commence air the lab. We sit up for sharing more within the end to future.

There are, for optimistic, a ways more questions than solutions exact now, like whether the firm is forsaking the first gen’s modular attachment machine. Also, is the dearth of cell records at top a signal? Is this why the firmobtained CloudMagic? Can one say that is in actual fact “needed”?

No lower than, the existence of this type of instrument does appear to contradictearlier rumorsabout Rubin canceling the instrument and making an attempt to sell the firm. Perchance. If I had to project a bet, I’d say Important is relationship a identical secondary handset market as Palm — though that, too, didn’t precisely dwelling the smartphone world ablaze.

More soon, I converse.