Platform vitality is a helluva a drug. Raise out a search onGoogle’sPlay retailer in Europe and likewise you’ll receive the company’s haveGboard apphas an age ranking ofPEGI 3— aka the pan-European game recordsdata labelling machine which signifies vow material is apt for all age groups.

PEGI 3 manner it would serene contain a minute bit chilly involving film violence. Negate, for instance, an emoji fist or middle finger.

Now receive a search onPlayfor the rivalFleksy keyboard appand likewise you’ll receive it has a PEGI 12 age ranking. This mark signifies the rated vow material can contain a minute bit more graphic fantasy violence and tender pass language.

The discrepancy in labelling suggests there’s a topic cloth difference between Gboard and Fleksy — in relation to the vow material that you’ll want to stumble upon. But each are moderately the same keyboard apps — with capabilities relish predictive emoji and baked in GIFs. Gboard furthermore permits you to gotcustom emoji. Whereas Fleksy putsmini apps at your fingertips.

A more foremost difference is that Gboard is made by Play Store proprietor and platform controller, Google. Whereas Fleksy is an indie keyboard thatsince 2017has been developed by ThingThing, astartupbasically basically based out of Spain.

Fleksy’s keyboard didn’t feeble to carry a 12 age ranking — right here’s a brand unusual pattern. Now not basically basically based on its vow material changing however basically basically based on Google enforcing its Play Store insurance policies in every other device.

The Fleksy app, which has been on the Play Store for around eight years at this level — and per Play Store set up stats has had more than 5M downloads so some distance — became as soon as PEGI 3 ranking till earlier this month. However then Google stepped in and compelled the workers to up the ranking to 12. Which manner the Play Store description for Fleksy in Europe now rates it PEGI 12 and specifies it contains “Mushy Swearing”.

Screenshot 2019 10 23 at 12.39.45

The Play retailer’s machine for age ratings requires developers to possess in avow material ratings device, responding to a assortment of questions about their app’s vow material, in mutter to assemble a instantaneous ranking.

Fleksy’s workers contain done so over time — and come up with the PEGI 3 ranking with out misfortune. However this month they came all the device thru they were being issued the questionnaire multiple times after which that their most original app change became as soon as blocked with out explanation — meaning they’d to attain out to Play Developer Toughen to quiz what became as soon as going rotten.

After some e-mail backward and ahead with make stronger group they were told that the app contained age nasty emoji vow material. Right here’s what Google wrote:

At some level of review, we came all the device thru that the vow material ranking is now not any longer excellent for your app… Assert ratings are feeble to assert customers, in particular oldsters, of doubtlessly objectionable vow material that exists inner an app.

As an example, we came all the device thru that your app contains vow material (e.g. emoji) that is now not any longer acceptable for all ages. Please talk over with the connected screenshot.

In the connected screenshot Google’s group fingered the center finger emoji because the reason of blocking off the change:

Fleksy Play review emoji violation


“We never thought a straightforward emoji is supposed to be 12 ,” ThingThing CEO Olivier Plante tells us.

With their change rejected the workers became as soon as forced to raise the ranking of Fleksy to PEGI 12 — apt to salvage their change unblocked so they could perchance perchance push out a spherical of bug fixes for the app.

That’s no longer the cease of the saga, despite the proven truth that. Google’s Play Store workers issereneno longer chuffed with the regional age ranking for Fleksy — and desires to push the ranking even elevated — claiming, in a subsequent e-mail, that “your app contains vulnerable vow material (e.g. emoji) and can contain elevated ranking”.

Now, to be crystal sure, Google’s have Gboard app furthermore contains the center finger emoji. We’re 100% particular of this attributable to we double-checked…

Gboard finger

Emojis on hand on Google’s Gboard keyboard, including the ‘screw you’ middle finger. Photo credit: Romain Dillet/TechCrunch

Right here is now not any longer surprising. Barely grand any smartphone keyboard — native or add-on — would contain this image attributable to it’s a truly normal emoji.

However when Plante identified to Google that the center finger emoji also can furthermore be came all the device thru in each Fleksy’s and Gboard’s keyboards — and requested them to plunge Fleksy’s ranking abet to PEGI 3 relish Gboard — the Play workers did no longer answer.

A PEGI 16 ranking manner the depiction of violence (or sexual intercourse) “reaches a stage that seems to be the identical as would be expected in right existence”, perreliable guidance on the labels, while the use of pass language also can furthermore be “more indecent”, and vow material could perchance perchance perchance encompass the use of tobacco, alcohol or unlawful medication.

And keep in mind Google is objecting to “vulnerable” emoji. So perchance its app reviewers were clutching at their pearls after discovering other normal emojis which depict stuff relish glasses of beer, martinis and wine… 🤦‍♀️

Over on the US Play Store, meanwhile, the Fleksy app is rated “teen”.

Whereas Gboard is — yup, you guessed it! — ‘E for All individuals’… 🤔

image 1 1


Plante says the double normal Google is imposing on its have app vs third salvage together keyboards is infuriating, and he accuses the platform wide of anti-competitive behavior.

“We’re all-in for competition, it’s wholesome… however incumbent gamers relish Google taking part in it unfair, making their keyboard 3 with identical emojis, is one other showcase of abuse of vitality,” he tells TechCrunch.

A snappy search of the Play Store for other third salvage together keyboard apps finds a combination of ratings — most rated PEGI 3 (equivalent toMicrosoft-owned SwiftKeyand Grammarly Keyboard); some PEGI 12 (equivalent to Facemoji Emoji Keyboard which, per Play Store’s summary contains “violence”).

Easiest person that lets receive amongst the tip listed keyboard apps has a PEGI 16 ranking.

Right here is an app called Classic Immense Keyboard — whose itemizing specifies it contains “Sturdy Language” (and what keyboard received’t, frankly!?). Though, judging by the Play retailer screenshots, it seems to be to be a moderately lavatory normal keyboard that merely offers adjustable key sizes. To boot to, sure, normal emoji.

“It came as a shock,” says Plante describing how the bother with Play started. “Firstly, previously weeks, we began to possess in the ranking opinions and I got fixed emails the ranking device mandatory to be filled with no tiny print as why we desired to revise it so in general (6 times) after which this last week we got rejected for the identical reason. This emoji became as soon as in our product since day 1 of its existence.”

Requested whether or no longer he can assume of anywhere off for Fleksy to come below scrutiny by Play retailer reviewers now, he says: “We don’t know why however for particular we’re progressing properly in the penetration of our keyboard. We’re increasing snappy for particular however in doubt right here is the reason.”

“I think someone is doubling down on competitive keyboards over there as they misplaced somewhat some grip of their search industry thru the choice browsers in Europe…. Perchance there could be a correlation?” he adds, regarding the European Price’santitrust resolution against Google Android last twelve months— when the tech wide became as soon as hit with a $5BN pretty for numerous breaches of EU competition regulation. An attractive which it’s appealing.

“I’ll proceed to combat for an very excellent market and am chuffed that Europe is leading the style on this,” adds Plante.

Following the EU antitrust ruling againstAndroid,which Google is legally compelled to conform to during any appeals task, it now showspreference screens to Android customers in Europe— offering alternative search engines and browsers for receive, alongside Google’s have dominate search  and browser (Chrome) apps.

Alternatively the company serene retains numerous levers it would pull and push to persuade the presentation of vow material inner its dominant Play Store — influencing how rival apps are perceived by Android customers and so whether or no longer or no longer they plot conclude to receive them.

So requiring that a keyboard app rival gets badged with a grand elevated age ranking than Google’s have keyboard app isn’t a apt search for to speak the least.

We reached out to Google for a proof about the discrepancy in age ratings between Fleksy and Gboard and can change this myth with any longer response. Firstly glimpse a spokesman agreed with us that the misfortune seems to be irregular.