Beijing: India, Japan, the bullet train enlisted to provide the facility, got the next wonder. We have better technology than Japan, India, China, referring to the surprise of the bullet train technology has to offer. 

In a four-day state visit, a visit to Japan, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the first two days, the tour of the city of Kyoto. Now, yesterday, the Prime Minister of the capital Tokyo, where Japanese businessmen, labor leaders met. 
Then, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, Prime Minister Modi, underwent extensive counseling. Then, military, nuclear deal, to work together on matters of infrastructure development, both pecinarappotu, between the two parties, the bullet train, urban development, infrastructure, military and, in relation to the signing of major contracts. Accordingly, in the next five years, in the fields, Japan, two lakh crore rupees to invest. In particular, the program required for the bullet train, and provide financial and technical assistance, Japan has before. 
In this situation, the Chinese Railways official said, in the railway sector in Japan are stronger than we would have hoped. In creating the high-speed trains, is all that competitiveness, India’s infrastructure sector in Japan has also decided to invest USD 35 billion has news. We consider this as a promising opportunity. We are ready to provide technical facilities to India, he said. 
China’s response to the prime minister, Narendra Modi, Japan, between traders, saying: This century belongs to Asia. In the world in terms of growth, there is an important role for Asian countries. However, in some countries, yet, there are 18 th century attitudes. Occupying other countries, other countries and dominate the sea surface. Narendra Modi pecinarenta the name of the country, apparently, although Modi, China’s, he said, presumably to catuvat, talk arose. 
Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told about this concept, what Modi has been talking about in Japan is unclear. India and China, Modi said that the constant companions. We’re taking care of Modi’s visit to Japan. Some of the ideas he put the question journalists. It is not known what was said, but Modi said.