Modi failed to punish pakistan

India vs Pakistan

“isolation of any country is not possible, unless until all veto power countries support for that. china will always supporting pakistan, even for terrorism. like china defends move to block UN ban on JeM chief Masood Azhar. as per my thought, isolating country is not an easy task.”

british divide and rule policy

india vs pakistan:

india and pakistan result for british divide rule policy. british feared to liberate british india during 19th century and 20th century initials. because own citizens who were placed at american continent made liberation of USA. so they feared to liberate india as a single country. because such a big country may try to give revenge in future. so they diverted some muslim leaders for delaying independence to divide country. even for that they not divided country perfectly. british left the country with lot of conflicts. during past histories except past 10 years, british and americans supported pakistan in wars to control india except kargil war. even kargil war USA denied india to access gps. pakistan is the unstable nuclear power country. pak army and jihadist always trying to collapse. past histories displays, pak army controlling pak government. not  government controlling army.


pakistan now behave like suicide bomb. it made suffer neighbour and self through supporting terrorism.

why isolation is not good choice even after #uri:

Uri is the capital of indian army at jammu region.yesterday, it is attacked by operation miyanmarjihadist, who came from pok with help of pak army and ISI . indian intelligence report informs, 200 militants waiting to infiltrate into indian valley. now india has to take action like Targeting NSCN(K) camp, Army entered Myanmar to neutralize threat. it is the time to do the same thing. unless we can’t expect next target of militants.

Pakistan is the haven for militants.  it getting huge aid from china for opposing india. china is not allowing to ban pakistan JEM terrorist leader at UNC which leaded by india. so, isolation is not easy task. due to indian soft move only, pakistan continued helping militants to attack india. during past Mr.manmohan singh congress government, india tried to isolate pakistan after mumbai attack. But it failed due to pak got support from china.

Now indian army is ready for huge revenge on militants. it have capability to win big threat. it shown a presentation to modi and top ministers about counter actions. Army is ready for call of duty. today indian opposition party announced to support government to take good action for uri attack. Now indian citizens want’s good action from government to sacrifice or justice for loss of invaluable soldiers faith.

india don’t want action at only on twitter from modi. it want justice for loss of soldiers. it can’t be achieved by isolation.



modi at twitter


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