For 1st Class, First teach Computer. Government school students to get skill

Chennai: The first class in state schools up to Grade 12 teachers are demanding that the computer system is to teach lessons. Furthermore, the kit printed Godown Class 6 to Class 10 textbook to students in the system and they have asked us to provide.

In Tamil Nadu, since 1992, recognized educational institutions graduate study in the computer system of teachers –  40 thousand people are unemployed.In that, men’s  are 11 thousand, 29 thousand are women. Their only demand, such as those in private schools, @ government schools from Grade 1 up to Grade 12 education program is to add computers.

Already- balanced curricula, for Class 6 to Class 10 – computer has been a lesson. However, the books printed, without giving it to students, those whwere not teached till now by governments. Mr. V. Kumaresan sharing more details about this to our

Computer book in store room:

Balanced in education up to grade 6 to grade 10 computer teachers divided the program, textbooks have been printed.However, so far without giving them to students, in store room is like garbage.This is because no computer teachers in government schools to teach them.

where is 900 cores?

900 crore has been  allocated through central government HRD to spend for computer education. But spending that money do not know even, the State Department of Education. And so it was sent back to the federal government.  TN School for the students to reach the standard of computer literacy is denied.

Computer Labs:

21 lakh students in the state, the state government has provided laptop. Although the school system is not in the computer’s laboratories. The government set up computer labs in schools and give all students can learn effectively. Just what is the use of a laptop?

Computer Teachers:

In Government secondary schools  computer science is there. However, the subjects can’t be teached without  graduating teachers in computer science. no staff specially appointed for this. For the past ten years, as well as in  the upgraded secondary school  also computer science curriculum is not clean. There also need to bring the computer science curriculum. Computer teachers should be appointed, wherever teachers are not available.

Grow in parallel ..

The Tamil Nadu government, the education system should focus on the individual. So that students in private schools, such as the state school system, students can gain knowledge.

Compulsory education:

computer Education is compulsory education in other states except Tamil Nadu.
In the coming academic year, the computer is asleep on the books already printed and store room, a computer education for public school students who want to act, Kumaresan said.

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