Chennai: real face of police. totally shocking experience …. but blame on students….. No media Exposed this real face of police, until now,
kindly share this video…. pls share every one should watch…

otherwise at least don’t blame students, They really not responsible for today’s crime.


past one week, students were protesting silently. but today yearly morning police came and warn the students to leave Marina. students asked two hour time to leave the space to clear huge crowd. but police not accepted the deal started clearing the the students using force.


due to that today every one blamed police, due to applied force on peace full protesters.

Now to escape the blame, to justify forceful action, they did….. firing public property, but blaming the people. it is the real face of the police,  today black ship showed real face.

realy shame…….

share this video until that black ship got punished….



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