Monday, August 15, 2022
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    Asteroid Apophis has One in 100,000 chance of hitting Earth

      The tremendous almost 400-meter wide asteroid Apophis is still on a rundown of unsafe close Earth objects (NEOs), viewed as a potential risk to...

    Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Upcoming Asteroid Flyby.

      Upcoming Asteroid Flyby: Surprisingly, NASA will utilize a real space shake for an observational battle to test NASA's system of observatories and researchers who work...

    China launches new satellite for civilian hi-res mapping

    File imageChina launched a new civilian high-resolution mapping satellite on Monday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi Province.The 2.7-tonne Ziyuan III 02...

    Planetary Resources raises $21M for Earth Observation platform

    Ceres can analyze the spectral signatures of crops and provide customized information to growers, identify energy and mineral resources, and monitor pipelines and remote...

    How So Quickly Giant Black Holes Are Formed ???

    This illustration depicts a possible "seed" for the formation of a supermassive black hole. The inset boxes at right contain Chandra (top) and Hubble...

    Ballooning Expectations: New Approach for Astronomy – Christopher Walker

    A preliminary illustration of a 20-30 meter telescope, the space-based Large Balloon Reflector called the TeraHertz Space Telescope (TST) for probing the evolution of...

    Global partnerships in orbit support economic growth on and off the Earth

    Visitors to the International Space Station by country. Image courtesy NASA. For a larger version of this image please go here.In November, we are...

    Space Station Investigation Goes With the Flow

    Samantha Cristoforetti conducts plethysmography and pulmonary function system measurements during Brain Drain investigation operations during Expedition 42 aboard the International Space...

    The sun is brightening – but not in China

    This is Beijing in January 2014. Image courtesy Hakan Pleijel. For a larger version of this image please go here. Haze due...

    Ozone hole grows over Antarctica, but no cause for alarm: UN

    The seasonal hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has widened to near-record size, the United Nations said...